Whole30 Success: Whitney’s Story

It’s that time again! I’m so proud to feature my dear friend Whitney’s story this week. We have been friends since we were in 6th grade and have stayed close ever since. We have always had similar interests in terms of health and wellness and I am thrilled that she tried Whole30 and was willing to share her experience. 

Why did you decide to try Whole30?
I would say there were multiple reasons. I know my body feels healthier when I try to cut out certain foods like dairy and gluten so I knew I would greatly benefit from 30 days of eliminating unhealthy foods. Also, I have around 35 pounds that I would like to lose and I know that being strict with the foods I put in my body is the best way to eliminate fat. 

How did you plan and prepare for it? 
First I met up with the wonderful Holly Beris to ask her all about it and for any advice she could give. Then I went online to look at the resources on their website and make sure that I understood all of the ‘rules’ of what to eat and what not to eat. I also joined a Facebook group to get some ideas of what people are eating. Then I meal planned and made sure I had all of the ingredients i would need for the week.

Summarize your overall experience. 
I would say my experience (my first and only true Whole30) had its ups and downs but that is completely normal. It was really hard to make food for my three kids (I have four but one was only 9 months old at the time) and my husband when I knew they wouldn’t like most of the food I was having and I couldn’t eat most of the food we had in the house for them to eat. Overall though it was a good experience. I was so proud of myself for finishing something I started and being disciplined.

What was the easiest part? 
Applegate hot dogs/turkey lunch meat. Easiest meal ever (paired with a healthy fat and veggies of course!)

The hardest part?
Not snacking!

Favorite meal?
Oh my, how can I choose? So many new recipes I love now! I’d say It’s a tie between Aidells chicken sausage sautéed with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts with avocados and buffalo chicken/spaghetti squash casserole with homemade ranch on top and broccoli.

Did you try any new foods?
Kale was pretty new to me. I had a blueberry, kale omelet almost every day!! So good!

How did you feel when you were done?
So proud of myself! I have almost always been a quitter so it was a HUGE accomplishment for me to stick with something and be disciplined for that long.

What were your results?
I lost 10 pounds along with feeling less bloated, no more anxiety attacks, feeling more confident, and no stomach pain. 

What does life post Whole30 look like?
I would like to be eating closer to paleo (their recommendation for post Whole30) but I have fallen back into bad habits. It’s always on my mind to try and be better though. I will never give up.

Is there anything new/different you learned or discovered from this experience? 
I would say that I didn’t learn much new about food itself but I learned that I AM strong enough to be disciplined and finish something I started no matter how hard it seems.

What would your advice be to other people who want to try Whole30?
Don’t over complicate it! Make enough when you cook so that you can have plenty of leftovers! Find recipes that you love so that you actually enjoy your meals! Find a Facebook group to join because you will have constant support, a place to ask questions and lots of meal ideas!
Here are a few of Whitney’s favorite recipes!


For this one (above), I used regular chicken breasts, cut up into chunks and marinated them in the buffalo sauce. Then just baked in the oven, added some spaghetti squash and broccoli.






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